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Guide for Choosing a Prep School

Guide for Choosing a Prep School

By Uktong Team 10/16/2017

In the old days prep schools used to be small institutions for preparing boys of 8 to 13 years old for boarding schools. Today, most of the schools are coeducational and many offer pre-prep and nursery. Good prep schools are very important for a pupil to acquire a sense of aspiration and get strong foundations in core subjects like math, science and English language. Process of choosing starts around two years before the fall of the starting school year, and culminates in the last six months before January, when it’s a deadline for admissions to most of the schools. Here is the list of decisions you have to deal with, while choosing the right school for your child.

  1. Private or state funded school

Figure out what would be the best fit for your child and think about the budget you have.

  1. Day school or boarding school

This is an important decision to take upon. Both options can be good for the child, it depends on his/her personality and needs.

  1. Single sex or coeducational

  2. Religious school or not

When you make your decisions on the above mentioned questions, you have to narrow down the selection by evaluation of the chosen schools. You will have to pay the visits to the schools in question, interview the stuff and to be interviewed in return. Most parents visit two to three schools during a selection process.

The interview – almost every private school has an interview as a part of the admission process. Although it may seem to you like you’re on the spot, this should also be you’re chance to ask the questions, to estimate if the school’s policies and attitudes would be the best fit for your kid. Choose the one with a headmaster you feel most comfortable with, since you will be contacting the school often.

The visit – make sure to visit every school on your narrowed list. Inspect the campus yourself, so you know where your child would be spending a great amount of time. Find out what their extra-curricular programmes are and what sports they nurture in the school. It’s best for you to go when there’s an open day, when you’ll have a chance to see a cross-section of the teachers.


By UKtong Team 10/16/2017UKtong Info