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A whiskey lover's guide to the UK

A whiskey lover's guide to the UK

By Uktong Team 10/30/2017

If you're a fan of this great drink, then you should definitely visit some of the most iconic places in its birthplace, the UK.

Before we move on you should know a little UK whiskey history. The first mention of Scotch was way back in 1495 and Scotland is it's home. In an effort to control the rebellious Scots, the British government made whiskey almost impossible to make. The Act of Union from 1707 inspired the largest whiskey smuggling operations in history. Luckily that ended in 1823. In the late 1880s there was a terrible bug infestation that ruined most of vineyards in France, so once again whiskey became the most popular drink.

-Visiting distilleries - The Whiskey trail tour allows you to visit the most famous distilleries across Scotland. You can also have a private tours and tutored tasting for 35£ in Blair Athol, which is where Bells Scotch is made and dates back to 1798. After all Bells was named UKs number 1 whiskey.

On to the good stuff, here's a list of the most amazing whiskey bars across the UK:

1. Boisdale of Canary Wrath (Cabot Place, Canary Wrath, London)- aside from over a 1,000 malt bottles it also has a Cuban cigar library and amazing jazz music

2.Black rock ( 9 Christopher St, London) - is famous for having a gigantic oak tree that's carved in half and filled with whiskey

3.Soho Whiskey Club (42 Old Compton St, Soho, London) - an absolute must! It's a membership only place, but possibly the best experience you'll ever have.

4. The Whiskey Jar (14 Tariff St, Manchester ) - a cocktail bar with a selection of over 300 malts and great live music on the weekends

5. The Pot Still (154 Hope St, Glasgow) - one of the best Scottish whiskey bars, which means it's one of the best in the world

6. Dick Macks (Greene Street, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland) - in business since 1899 it doeasnt really get more authentic than this pub.

By UKtong Team 10/30/2017UKtong Info