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New Workplace Challenges and How to Overcome Them

New Workplace Challenges and How to Overcome Them

By Uktong Team 10/19/2017

You’ve landed your first job, you did it! You killed it at the interview, you charmed HR lady, and everything is a dream. But here comes the fun part – you have to maintain that cool exterior in the following months, so they are sure they hired the person that can adapt to the company and keep the workflow smooth.

You’re in the spotlight

In the next few months everybody will be watching you, be sure of that. Starting from your employers, all the way to your colleagues – whether they’ve been there before you, or they came when you did. Act natural, try to get to know every one of them personally, and maintain a healthy and positive relationship. Be polite and respectful in every circumstances.

Get to the bottom of things

Make sure you understand what your tasks are and how you’re expected to perform them. It’s not expected from you to know everything instantly, everyone knows how it is when you’re new at a job. Ask everything you’re unsure of, there are no stupid questions. It will be more appreciated if you show an interest in learning, than if you’re trying to fool everyone that you got it all figured, and it turns out everything you did has to be repaired.

Ask for more

It happens sometimes that you start working, but your manager or mentor is too busy with their own work overload and they don’t have time to show you how it’s done. You will get all the simplest tasks, and you’re starting to think they don’t believe you can do more. Don’t panic, it’s normal. Finish all the tasks given, without arrogance, and ask for more work when you’re done. Don’t find yourself in a situation you’ve got spare time on your hands. Show the initiative and ask for work or what you can read/do to get yourself in the material quicker. Be patient and be curious, and they’ll love you.

By UKtong Team 10/19/2017UKtong Info