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Worried about medical care in a new city? Don’t be!

Worried about medical care in a new city? Don’t be!

By Uktong Team 10/19/2017

Remember that time when you felt dizzy, your head was about to blow off and you didn’t know if you were going to vomit all over your place (and it wasn’t a hangover)? Or when you were getting out of a bus and twisted your ankle just because you wanted to get his/her number? You cursed everything. You cursed the day you were born, you cursed the size of your head, you cursed the gravitation.

 If you don’t want to go through pain, dizziness and cursing, take a look at what you should do when it comes to medical care in a new city.


Medical care priorities


What is most important to you is to register with a GP near your college as soon as possible. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the health center that is attached to your college, but the doctors there will have experience in taking care of students.


Furthermore, you need to register with a dentist because your GP can’t solve your dental problems. What you need to know is that not all treatment is free. Go and check here details on dental costs.


Don’t forget about your sexual health. Even if you don’t have plans on being sexually active, contraception and condoms are free from any GP. You might not need it, but you can suggest it to their friends if they have some plans other than yours.


“An apple a day tells the doctor away.” Eating healthy, getting enough of sleep and activity will help you wait less or never at your GP´s. Take the time to cook, move around, and do yourself a favour that way. Chances are you won’t curse for headaches or vomiting, but we can’t guarantee about falling out of the bus.

By UKtong Team 10/19/2017UKtong Info