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Avant-garde bars in London that you should keep a secret

Avant-garde bars in London that you should keep a secret

By Uktong Team 10/18/2017

Usually only the people from that immediate area know it exists. But if you’re tired of the flashy and overcrowded pubs and bars that everybody you know goes to then it’s worth a shot.

wcclapham bar


WC Clapham Wine Bar

The vintage wine bar is located in a former public toilet. Crazy right? Well it’s perfect for a small gathering with your friends or even a date. It has an amazing wine list and live music every Sunday and Monday night. You can sit in one of the blue Victorian-inspired booths and have some amazing cheese and cured meat plate.

WC, Clapham Common Southside, SW4 7AA

Loking Glass coctail club


2. Looking Glass Cocktail Club

Now this one is a real treasure. You should probably keep it a secret. It’s located in the cool but still not discovered Hackney Road. You’ll definitely fall in love with its mysterious and charming atmosphere. It’s a secret room hidden behind a looking glass filled with Victorian furniture and vintage decorations. It’s glamourous and intriguing with some of the best cocktail menus in the city.

49 Hackney Road, London, E2 7NX

evans peel detective

3. Evans & Peel Detective Agency

This is possibly the coolest place on earth. In order to make a reservation you have to go on their website. But they are disguised as a detective agency so you actually have to submit a case and a ‘detective’ will give you the secret details that you’ll need to enter. When you get there you’ll be led through a secret bookcase passageway into the most beautiful 1920s decorated bar. There’s even a ‘pharmacy’ that will be opened on August 21st 2017.

310c Earls Ct Rd, Earls Court, London SW5 9BA

These places are definitely worth a visit. The innovative concepts and breath-taking décor are sure to make your night perfect.



By UKtong Team 10/18/2017UKtong Info