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Unusual Places You Should Spend Your Next Weekend in Scotland

Unusual Places You Should Spend Your Next Weekend in Scotland

By Uktong Team 10/18/2017

Sometimes finding time and money for traveling can be pretty hard, especially if you’re working or in university. But if you’re in the UK it’s so much easier. The entire county is filled with amazing opportunities for anyone who wants a memorable and easy vacation or quick getaway. And traveling around Scotland is a dream-come true. The country is filled with buzzing cities and untouched nature.  
Whether you like mountains capes or beaches, history or music this is the perfect place to get away from your busy life.

Getting to one of the big cities in the country is pretty easy and fairly cheap. From London you can go there by plane, car or train. British Airways has daily flights from London, for as low as 60£ and the trip only takes about 2h. If you go by train and book in advance you can get to Scotland for 40£ and 4 to 7 hours.

The Real Harry Potter sights

New Harry Potter shop

If you’re a Potterhead this tour seems like a fantasy. It’s an afternoon tour in Edinburg and costs 20£ per person. You’ll get to see the real Diagon Alley which is exactly as it is described in the books. Also you can see the story that inspired the creation of Tom riddle aka Voldemort and his real grave.  The tour end with a visit to the place where JK Rowling started writing the stories and you will get some special insight into the characters in the iconic book series.

Explore the Bohemian side of Glasgow

The city of Glasgow is very famous for its music, art and culture. It hosts over 130 music events every week and has been named the UNESCO City of Music. The so called ‘best neighborhood in the UK’, the West End is vibrant and bohemian tourist’s quarter, from all around the world. You can choose to take an art tour lead by art students from the university or just wander the cobbled streets.

White Water Rafting and Cliff Jumping on the River Findhorn

Even if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or crossing something from your bucket list there’s plenty of things in Scotland you can do in just one weekend. This tour last from 10am to around 4pm and costs 80£. It’s a daily tour and includes professional photographs, a lunch, warm wetsuits and change rooms. All you need to do is grab a towel, get on a train and enjoy the ride through the amazing wilderness.

Get face to face with sharks and seals 

One of the most exclusive and amazing experiences there is. Those with little to no experience can take snorkel courses. The more advanced can go to more challenging locations. Wild swimmers can also enjoy the range of locations and opportunities on the tours. You can even go scuba diving at night. Even if you don’t like the water you can get close to the sharks in the kayaks.


By UKtong Team 10/18/2017UKtong Info