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How to decorate your apartment like an adult

How to decorate your apartment like an adult

By Uktong Team 10/18/2017

Living on your own can be a real challenge. At first you think you’re apartment will look sophisticated and will always be spotless, but that never quite goes the way you’d hoped.

Everyone has their own vision of what they want their space to look like and how to decorate it but if you’re clueless or overwhelmed by all these decisions actually doing it can be a problem. Your apartment should always seem spacious and classy. Here are some tips that will help you look and feel like a total independent adult. 

1.Invest in matching kitchenware

Have a whole set of matching dishes and two sets of glasses, regular ones and wine glasses, and a set of silverware. Instead of giving all your friends all a different weird colorful glass or not having enough plates for more than two people, now you’re ready to invite everyone into your house and not have to make excuses.

Also buy a salt and pepper shaker and a couple of nice matching knifes. All of this is really cheap and you can get it anywhere, so don’t make excuses.

2. Equip your bathroom with the essentials

If you want to make your bathroom look organized and nice get a set of neutral-colored towels and put them on display. Also always have a small trash can in there it will make your life so much easier. Hide you’re toilet paper in a cupboard so in doesn’t just pile up on top of the toilet.

If you have nice perfume or cologne bottles you can use them as decoration. Don’t clutter up your bathroom. Everything you know you’re not using just throw away.

3. Take down your posters

Having art on the walls is nice and gives the room personality and adds that final finish. This only applies if the ‘art’ isn’t taped to the wall. All the postcards and prints of famous painting you have you should either put them in a frame and hang them or just put them on a nightstand for example.

4. Add plants to make it more vibrant

It’s better to have actual plants but if you notice you just can’t keep them alive then get fake ones. Put them in the corners of the room or on the tables. If you do get fake plant at least make sure they look real and the colors aren’t too crazy.

 5. Keep it simple and clean

Make sure your walls are simple. It can be one color or a few but don’t make them too aggressive. Most of your sheets and pillows should match the esthetic of the room but you can throw in a few pops of color if it seems too bland.

The most important thing is to keep the space clutter-free. Everything you don’t need or use throw away or store out of sight. Organize your bookshelves and put the things you like the most on display. Just because your place is polished doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a little personality.

By UKtong Team 10/18/2017UKtong Info