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Ordinary work day of a social media influencer

Ordinary work day of a social media influencer

By Uktong Team 10/16/2017

Being a social media influencer is as rewarding as it is hard. It is not a usual life, for sure, especially if you have a big following, at higher levels, your life is different than most of the people on the whole planet.

I have separated an usual day of social media influencer into three parts of the day, in order to give you insight into their lives.


Every influencer starts a day early, most likely with some kind of morning ritual, depending on the job/niche they are in and their interests. Some like to walk their dogs, drink green smoothies, do cardio or check their vision board.
All of these activities are being filmed, snapped or at least tweeted about !
After the accomplished morning routine, we are now ready to tackle our hardest task of the day. The reason you want to tackle the hardest task first is because you have the most willpower and brain capacity in the morning.
This could take anywhere between three and five hours to complete.


Okay, working on our task took us to the afternoon. After those three to five hours, you begin losing focus and speed, at that point you want to stop, you are done with the hardest task for the day! We take a short break doing something we love. Reading thirty minutes to an hour a day is really good way to give your brain new information and stay informed about your job/niche/business.
At this time, you want to tackle your secondary tasks for the day, which are supposed to be way easier than the first one you did in the morning. Tasks like meetings, recording podcasts, managing your social media content etc…

Remember that influencer are required to always stay connected to their following, so through the whole day, we are posting on snapchat, Instagram stories, twitter etc…
Doing this also takes up your time, but it is necessary.


Depending on the schedule tomorrow, we may prepare to go out and party or just take the time off, watch a TV show and eat a nice meal.
Night routine is also really important, for example: reading your long-term goals, writing your goals for the next day, taking a warm shower and reading biographies are just some of many things you could do.

This would be a recap of a normal, everyday life of a social media influencer, not one of those great, fun, achievement/travel days…

It may look boring, but the satisfaction you get when people send Thank You letters and the fulfilment you go to bed with every night is irreplaceable!

By UKtong Team 10/16/2017UKtong Info